Moving and crating services

We don’t just crate pool table slates anymore.  Anything for your move can be protected with our custom crates. 

We professionally dismantle, move and crate any pool table.  With an innovative powered stair walker we can even move 12′ slates up and down stairs at the push of a button.  We also make the best crates in the business.  No matter the moving company you are using, we crate the slates in wood to allow strapping during you move.  Over the past 15 years, we have seen hundreds of pool tables destroyed from people picking up the table to move it.  Unfortunately tables are made to be strong standing up but to pick one up will destroy your frame, legs, and most likely pockets and rails.Never mind the slate can be cracked into pieces.

We also have self balancing table movers that are available for in room, flat surface moves.  After which requires a leveling in the new destination.  Not all tables can be relocated with rollers, it really needs to be a sturdy table to begin with.